Scafell Pike 50k


– Scafell Pike | MiniMap uses Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Scale mapping to bring you a walking map that will be very familiar to you.
– Pocket Sized | MiniMap Folds down to a handy A6 size and fits in your pocket making it the most convenient & easy to carry printed map out there.
– Waterproof Paper | MiniMap is printed on waterproof paper – try it out!
– Each map covers and area of 14km x 12.5km – Perfect for day trips.

Scafell Pike is 978 metres high and as various different routes to the peak however, the most popular path begins at Wasdale Head car park. It is this route that our MiniMap covers. After leaving the car park, you follow the road onto a footpath which then leads you on to Lingmell Gill. Bearing left at this point, you head uphill to Brown Tongue which continues onto the peak of Scafell Pike. The route is 6 miles long in total.